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Las Vegas Impersonators

Las Vegas Impersonators for hire. Las Vegas Look alikes for hire. We have world class Elvis, Marilyn, Frank, Sammy, Dean, Austin Powers, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Bruno Mars, Britney Spears, rock stars and even Donald Trump! We are the home of world class celebrity impersonators and look alikes. Our celebrity impersonators are available for meet and greet or performances. We book nationwide and have impersonators all over the country. Here is a link to our most popular impersonators and look alikes.  If you do not see what you are looking for,  please contact us as we represent many more impersonators than what is shown on this website.

Las Vegas Celebrity impersonators

Celebrity impersonators and celebrity look a-likes is big business. From private parties to trade shows, Las Vegas impersonators and look alikes are a big hit. If you can’t afford a real celebrity (and who can?) you can have the next best thing at a fraction of the cost. The fees for impersonators and look a-likes can vary. Top impersonators ask for higher fees as they not only resemble a certain celebrity, but they also practice mimicking their character.  They also spend lots of money on getting authentic looking costumes.

Las Vegas Celebrity Look alikes

We only represent world class look alikes. You really have to be very careful when booking lower fee impersonators, because it could be very embarrassing to have a corny looking impersonator at your event.  We carefully screen and interview our impersonators to make sure they meet our high standard of acceptance.  Then we can confidently represent them to our potential clients and give our clients the satisfaction that their money was well spent.

Many people like booking an impersonator for a surprise appearance at birthday parties. Imagine having Elvis, Marilyn or Frank Sinatra sing happy birthday at your party?  Just think what it will be like to have Jimi Hendrix give your son his first guitar?  We turn your ideas into reality!

At Las Vegas trade shows and conventions, Las Vegas impersonators are commonly used to draw traffic by companies that exhibit.  Attendees lineup at a booth that features impersonators to have their photo taken with the celebrity look a-like.  You can even have President Trump introduce your speaker at a conference or company meeting!

If you are interested in booking or getting information on an impersonator or look alike, please fill out the Rates / Contact Us form or give us a call.  We promise to give you 5 star service and communication along with world class talent.